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Nutritional Therapy At The Boxgrove Clinic

Suzie Crabtree is a highly experienced nutritional therapist and a fully accredited member of the British Association of Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT) and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). She has an effervescent and infectious enthusiasm for nutrition and provides her guidance and advice with empathy. Whether you’re seeking to maintain wellness or manage illness, Suzie will provide you with the tools, advice, and support needed to make realistic changes that suit your lifestyle and budget. Her approach emphasises not just weight loss, but also improving your health and boosting your energy levels.

An Introduction To Nutritional Therapy

The impact of nutrition on an individual’s physical and mental health cannot be underestimated. Nutritional Therapy is a personalised approach to health and wellness that focuses on optimising your diet to prevent disease and manage existing health conditions. Your nutritional therapist will help you understand how you can live a healthy lifestyle and get proper nutrition. Recognising that you have unique dietary needs, your therapist will tailor a nutrition plan to cater specifically to those needs, helping you look and feel better.

  • Individual Consultations
  • Allergy & Intolerance Testing

  • DNA Testing

  • Workplace, Sports Club and School Talks

Nutritional Therapy Appointments

Initial Assessment

  • 60 mins (up to)

Follow Up

  • 30 mins (up to)

Follow Up

  • 60 mins (up to)

A Personal Nutrition Plan

Written Report

  • A bespoke written report providing you with personalised tools and advice

What Issues Can Nutritional Therapy Help You With?

A Team Approach

Your specific treatment plan will depend on your individual needs and goals. Our multi-disciplinary approach includes Specialist Physiotherapists, Soft Tissue Therapists, Rehab Specialists, Pilates Instructors and Personal Trainers who work collaboratively, all under one roof, to create a seamless journey from treatment, manual therapy and rehabilitation through to full fitness.

FAQs about Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional therapy involves using diet and lifestyle changes to improve health and manage diseases. It focuses on personalised nutrition plans to address individual health concerns.

Anyone can benefit, especially those with chronic conditions like digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, allergies, autoimmune diseases, and metabolic disorders.

A nutritional therapist conducts a thorough assessment, including medical history, lifestyle, dietary habits, and sometimes lab tests, to create a tailored nutrition plan.

Nutritional therapy can complement medication but should not replace it without a doctor’s guidance.
When conducted by a qualified professional, nutritional therapy is safe. However, it’s essential to follow the therapist’s guidance to avoid potential nutrient imbalances.

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