Marathon Recovery – A Simple Checklist

Sports Massage being provided at Marathon event
Sports Massage being provided at Marathon event
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Marathon Recovery – A Simple Checklist

Most people plan and train extremely hard in order to run a marathon, however many often neglect to consider their recovery programme. Unfortunately, if you don’t recover properly, you may increase your risk of injury.

After completing a challenging and hopefully enjoyable race, your body is tired and you are ready to rest, but now is not the time to allow fatigue to take over. Here are some top tips to help you recover…well

Once over the finish line :
• keep moving albeit, slowly.
• Get into some warm dry clothes, do not rely on the foil blankets handed out .
• Get some high energy food like bananas to get your blood sugar back up.
• If you can get to a bath or shower, a contrast shower alternating between hot and cold is scientifically proven to aid muscle recovery.
• Consider compression tights
• Hydrate
• STRETCH- leave it 2-6 hours after the race before you start to gently stretch. This allows your muscles to rehydrate and prevents injury.
• Once home, have a protein rich meal and head to bed

Day 1 post-race
• Go out for a walk or go for a swim to get blood moving around your muscles
• Wear sandals or flip flops to rest blisters
• Book in for a sports massage for day 2 or 3
Day 2
• Go for a swim or cycle
Day 3
• A light weights session followed by stretching
Day 4
• If your body feels recovered a short slow run (up to 5km)
From day 5 you should be able to slowly return to your normal routine

If you have suffered any injuries whilst competing, we can assess and advise you how to get back on your feet.


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