Scar therapy following knee surgery to improve function and appearance
Restor Scar Therapy

Restore Scar Therapy Qualification

Georgina has recently completed a ‘Restore’ Scar Therapy Course, which means she can now help patients by treating scar tissue, fibrosis and adhesions using a variety of gentle techniques. It is a very effective treatment for C-Section Scars, hip and knee replacement scars, Mastectomy scars etc. In addition is it excellent for burns and can help with the after effects of radiotherapy.

The Soft Tissue Team at The Boxgrove have been able to work on patients scars with good results for the last few years. Georgina has had a keen interest in the improvement in comfort and function that scar tissue therapy can gift a patient, which has led her to invest further in her skill set.

We all naturally feel that the visual of a scar is the thing to be worried about. But scars are more problematic than the visual. Scars can cause pain, sensitivity and functional changes to our movement (a tight mastectomy scar for example can restrict the movement of the arm, a tight knee replacement scar can limit the bend of the knee). In addition scars can be a memory of a trauma and therefore cause strong emotion. Working these scars can help with the emotional side of the trauma.



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