An Introduction to Reflexology by Isabel Tuppen

Isabel Tuppen - Reflexologist at The Boxgrove Clinic
Isabel Tuppen - Reflexologist at The Boxgrove Clinic

An Introduction to Reflexology by Isabel Tuppen

Hello! How lovely to be able to connect with you via this platform and to tell you a little bit more about myself and reflexology. How I have missed seeing patients through this latest lockdown. I cannot wait to get back into the clinic and treat your bodies and minds through the magic of your feet.

I am Isabel Tuppen, and I am passionate about caring for people. From the very old to the very young, I truly believe that everyone can benefit from the gentle, healing powers of reflexology. After experiencing a spell of acute anxiety after my second son was born I was lucky enough to find reflexology and to experience a transformational course of treatments. I was restored to myself and left wowed by the power of something so gentle, non-invasive and non-medicated.

Until 2015 I worked with young children as a qualified Early Years teacher. I still love to work with babies, children and teens as they respond so quickly and effectively to reflexology treatment! But I had started my adult life studying for my BSc in Human Science at University College London. I have always had a passion and fascination with the human form and function.

Early in 2015 I decided to make the leap and trained in Reflexology at the Wilbury School of Massage and Reflexology under the inspirational Elizabeth Ross Talbot. I qualified with distinction and am now certified by ITEC, and registered and regulated by the Association of Reflexologists (AOR).

My husband and I have three children and have enjoyed travelling the world with them, including a spell living in the Far East whilst my husband was in the British Army with the Gurkhas. All of my family love receiving reflexology treatments, in fact I am never able just to slump on the sofa without someone’s feet being placed in my lap with an imploring gaze!

Reflexology is deeply relaxing and re-energising. It follows the premise that the body, mind and soul are inextricably linked and work as one system. It is based on the theory that points on the feet, lower legs, hands, face and ears all correspond with different areas of the body. By applying gentle pressure, massaging and manipulating these reflex points we promote healing in the connected area by releasing any blockages and restoring the free and healthy flow of energy, blood, nervous and lymph circulation to the whole body.

It can be used to treat all manner of ailments: musculoskeletal pain, digestive complaints, sinus problems, chronic pain among others and is particularly beneficial for conditions of the nervous system – stress, anxiety, low mood, sleep disorders. Reflexology can also be enjoyed as a restorative treatment just to rebalance and relax the body and mind.

I hope I am lucky enough to meet you at The Boxgrove Clinic and to treat your feet. I cannot imagine a better environment in which to find your way back to health, calm and balance.


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