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Jane Haydon

Fascial Manipulation (Stecco FM)

“I have always loved soft tissues and how they hold our incredible bodies together. One of my passions in life is developing my knowledge of all things FASCIA, the connective tissue found throughout our bodies. “


MSc Physiotherapy
Certified Stecco FM


“I really had given up all hope and thought a steroid injection was my only answer but Jane has saved me from that and in working on my fascia has started to unlock all sorts of other areas of my body.”

“After a thorough examination and a Fascial Manipulation session with Jane Haydon my symptoms have seriously abated. Jane’s gentle and thorough technique cannot be recommended highly enough by my positive experience.”


Jane is a physiotherapist with a masters degree in musculoskeletal physiotherapy and has over 25 years clinical experience.

She has a special interest in fascia and is one of only two therapists in the UK fully qualified as a Fascial Manipulation Specialist after training in Italy at the world renown Stecco Institute.

Her skills are particularly effective in treating those hard to treat conditions like chronic pain and fibromyalgia pain symptoms. She can explain how multi pain sites and ‘random’ pains can be potentially linked to old internal or musculoskeletal injuries.

Her treatments to release the fascial tissue along lines of tension helps restore muscle balance and clears pain.

Fascial Manipulation

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